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Eversys e'6 & e'6m

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Eversys e'6 & e'6m


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The e’6/e’6m offers the ultimate in productivity and resilience. It is the association of an e’4/e’4m with an e’2-ct on a single chassis, but with a separate CPU and an additional electrical connection.

The e’6m is equipped with an in-built automatic milk heating/frothing module.

  • Size- 84 cm in width.
  • Productivity- 525 espresso per hour, dispensed 6 at a time with an extraction time of 23 seconds. Or 350 cappuccino + 175 espresso per hour.
  • Communication- Touch screen interface for ultimate programmability and functionality.
  • Resilience- 2 machines, 2 CPU minimise downtime.

The e’6/ e’6m is designed for very high productivity environments where product quality and consistency are also important customer factors.

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